Game Story

Ameta is a free-to-play game that combines the genres of casual, farming, and adventure through an attractive social system. Players will be able to participate in exciting activities such as cleaning up the old farm, building a new farm to grow crops, raising livestock as well as unlocking buildings and other upgrades.

In addition, to maximize the interaction, Ameta also added social elements with a town where players can meet, socialize, find friends, get married, discover events, and festivals in town by seasons

By taking full advantage of new technologies along with the strengths of blockchain technology, real-world people can interact with players in the virtual world at Ameta Metaverse.

Players in Ameta Metaverse can use the tools provided by Ameta to create NFTs, which in the virtual world are comparable 1-to-1 with physical toys in the real world. Finally, we will build a global entertainment platform based on blockchain technology.

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