Simple but addictive operations are the highlight of the casual game series and so is Ameta. Players can participate in a vast community and enjoy it for free, thereby receiving rewards and contributing to the game ecosystem. Ameta is appropriate for a wide range of users, including:

  • Achievers: This user group is able to display their accomplishments thanks to the achievement and display feature.

  • Socializers: Some features include chat channels, a central lobby where everyone may freely mingle and make friends, guild features, co-op, and partying together to complete missions or explore

  • Explorers: Various map systems with centers, residences, and other locations, such as the sea and the jungle, as well as a plethora of hidden features waiting for you to find, such hidden boxes, easter eggs, secret entrances, etc.

  • Killer: Includes features to compete against other players in tournaments and events

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