Each player always has 1 free basic fishing rod from the beginning to join in fishing and can earn new fishing rods through the system of crafting fishing rods (Crafting). The player holds the fishing rod to the position where fishing is allowed and releases the rod to start fishing, then needs to win a mini-game to catch the fish. A mini-game is a simple game form, in which the fish icon will be connected. Keep moving and changing direction up and down, the player's task is to control the blue bar (tap the screen to make the bar go up, stop tapping the bar to fall down) to keep the icon of the fish always in the blue bar. If the fish is in the blue bar, the player continuously adds points to the progress (orange column), otherwise, if the fish is outside, the player will continuously lose points. When the progress bar is full, the fish will be caught, if it runs out to 0 or the time runs out, you will lose and not catch the fish. Some fishing rods have additional skills (x2 points, stun fish, slow fish ...) then the interface will display the corresponding buttons for players to use according to their own tactics.

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