Aurora Annabis (AA)

This is an event that happens every week in Ameta. When it's time for the event, the AA Scoring System we be open, all players can participate simply by fishing as usual. Ranking points depend on the number of fame and the weight of the fish that the player catches, calculated by the formula below:

Rank Point = Fame x 2 + Weight

Event Schedule

  • Frequency: once a week.

  • Length: 07 days.

  • Start Time: 00:00 UTC Every Monday

  • End time: 23:00 UTC every Sunday

  • Reward Time: 00:00 UTC Next Monday

Event Reward

There are two type of reward in Aurora Annabis:

  • Milestone Reward: Every time you reach a certain ranking point milestone.

  • Ranking Reward: Rewards are given out at the end of the season for your leaderboard ranking.


  • Ranking Rewards will be sent to the ingame mailbox.

  • The fishing rod has Fame and only catches fish with Fame less than or equal to it.

  • The weight of the fish is random but does not exceed the maximum weight

  • The higher the level of fishing rod, the greater the probability of catching a heavy fish.

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