Great Exchange (GE)

General Gameplay

The Holman NPC will appear in The Beach to collect NFT fish from the player. At 0:00 UTC daily, the system will calculate the total income and send it to the in-game mailbox for the player.


  • Only for NFT Fish

  • The final fish price is determined only at the end of the day and is influenced by Great Exchange Daily Reward Pool.

  • Only able to sell fish in 00:00 - 23:00 UTC every day.

Great Exchange Daily Reward

Great Exchange Daily Reward (GEDR) is a pool of rewards $APLUS aggregated from the following sources:

  • Ecosystem Share (from Ameta Ecosystem Pool)

  • In-game Tax Share

  • NFT marketplace Share

  • Income from traditional business

Fish Price

GEDR will divide equally among all NFT fish species, then the price of a fish will depend on the total number of that fish that all players have sent to Holman (so-called GE Fish Pool), specifically it is calculated according to the following formula:

Fish Prize Pool = the total prize pool of a species

GE Fish Pool = The total number of fish of that species that Holman received.

Fish Price = Fish Prize Pool / GE Fish Pool

For Example:

Suppose Ameta has 6 types of NFT fish, with today's GEDR is 60000 $APLUS, so each type will have a prize pool of 10000 $APLUS.

If in GE Fish Pool there are:

Then the unit price for each type will be:

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