Why This

For sustainable growth and transition to Metaverse, the Ameta team believes it's essential to create a tokenomics targeted toward converting traditional players to blockchain players.

By first offering a high-quality game with great entertainment value to attract traditional players, then gradually providing them with simple but practical methods and tools to help players access and benefit from the core values of blockchain such as ownership, transparency, and decentralization.

To encourage traditional players to join and benefit from blockchain, our Tokenomics focuses on solving 2 main problems:

  1. Remove all technical barriers for traditional users to own APLUS token.

  2. Buy NFT items directly from fiat money.

1. Buy NFT with Fiat Money

Ameta builds the mechanism and technical foundation to help players own NFT without blockchain knowledge. It really makes sense for traditional players who simply come to Ameta to experience and have a desire to permanently own the items they like.

2. Convert normal Item into NFT

When experiencing the game, players will have a lot of opportunities to create or own a variety of inherently valuable items, for example, production tools, friends' gifts, collectibles, etc. If they love it, desire to own it, trade, or simply personalize it, they can spend a little $APLUS to turn the item into NFT.

To make it easier for traditional players, we designed opportunities to help them get a little $APLUS in the game like completing missions, winning in PVP, or being at the top of the leaderboard.

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