Durability & Reparing


Initially, each fishing time will reduce the durability of the fishing rod by 10 points, but the more fishing, the faster the fishing rod will fail. Specifically, for every 10% durability lost, the durability reduced each time fishing will increase by 5 points.

For Example:

Fishing when the durability is 1500/1500 (0%) --> lose 10 points.

Fishing when the durability is 1350/1500 (10%) --> lose 15 points.

Fishing when the durability is 1200/1500 (20%) --> lose 20 points.

Repairing Feature

There is no durability auto-restore mechanism for the fishing rods in Ameta, players must repair them by using Coal.


  • Fixing the fishing rod takes time, each durability point takes 5s to recover.

  • Have to unequip the fishing rod to fix it.

  • While the fishing rod is being repaired it cannot be equipped.

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