Level up fishing rod

Players need to spend "Mysterious Power" stones to level up the fishing rod, each of which adds 100 upgrade points to the upgrade progress bar. When the progress bar is full, go to the next level.

Bonus for each successful level up:

  • 1 Catcher Size

  • +10 Fame


  • The higher the level, the more upgrade points are required.

  • The maximum level is bound by the star level, when reaching the maximum level will not be able to continue to upgrade.

Level Up Star-Level

To upgrade so that the fishing rod needs Heavenly Light, the rod in any rarity needs Heavenly Light in that rarity.


  • Each Heavenly Light increases star upgrade by 10 points

  • Each use has a random chance of reaching x2, x5, or x10.

  • Maximum of 3 stars.

  • Each star increases the level limit that the fishing rod can raise: 1 level 10 star, 2 level 20 stars, 3 level 30 stars.

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